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Squeaker/ Lacey Santos is a busy 30 something mom of 3. She is a proud military wife, special needs warrior mom, blogger, artist, FX make up dabbler and cosplayer. She has been creating FX make up and costumes since the Third grade, but only cosplaying for about 7 years.

Her family would describe her as caring and a rebel. Her friends know that she embodies all that is good and just in a Hufflepuff and were she ruler of the world we would all thank her for it. Cosplay is a particular passion of hers, especially when she can work any kind of sparkle into it. The more sparkle the better. Her patronus is a Niffler. She loves anything shiny, be it glitter, rhinestones, or beading. Feathers are another favored element. Often making an appearance in her current obsession of headpiece making.

She has also dabbled in foam smithing, leather working, and chainmail. A constant learner she worships at the alter of the art of creation. There is no aspect of the art and hobby of cosplay that she has not nor will not dabble in. She doesn’t so much dip her toes in the waters of new technics, but rather jumps in head first and resurfaces with majestic treasures of her own creation. Crafting and cosplay is her happy place. She welcomes all discussion of artwork, cosplay, nerdorms, ect.

Got an idea that needs execution? Her inbox is always open to commissions.

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