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Disa a female Dwarf! I know, they are rare and obscure but when you do finally find one they are a sight to behold!

Disa is Thorin's sister from The Hobbit, and the only female dwarf mentioned by JRR Tolkien. In this version I imagined her off on an adventure. She has her armor and her brother's sword as she seeks her place in the world now that almost all her kin are dead.

The armor is foam and pleather. I burned runes that I translated into the names of the dwarvish company and Bilbo from the Hobbit book. on her knee caps are more runes with quotes from her brother.

The axes and shield I made 6 months after the rest as I felt she needed something more. The shield took over 60 hours, and weighs quiet a bit. I hand sculpted the foam clay to create the hairy beard texture. It also lights up with fairy lights I control with a remote. The runes on the shield read "Durins Folk", which again I had translated from The Hobbit runes.

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