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This version of Smaug I based of the concept that Thorin's sister, Disa, became Queen and then fell pray to Dragon Sickness just like her brother. I combined the hair styling of both Fili & Kili (which are Disa's sons).

The embroidery took me 200 hours to hand do. The yellow runes measure 20ft x 1 1/2in. There is embroidery on the stomach of Thorin's map, and there are 8 small dragons on the waistband and the collar.

I hand stoned the thrifted shoes, created the crown out of foam, crystals, stones, wire, tape, ribbon, and hot glue. I made the shoulders out of scale mail, my first attempt with this medium and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. I added rhinestone chains and glass beads to the should pieces to give it movement and to catch the light.

This costume took me over 400 hours to create and Won Best Fantasy at the Dragon Con Masquerade, and Best in Show at Dragon Con's Evening at Bree.

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